Do I Need a Home Inspection?

I was asked to perform a home inspection on a sprawling ranch style home in a nice town.

Upon entering the basement, it did seem a bit peculiar that the basement was very small for such a large footprint of a home. There were 4 crawlspaces! My knees were aching!

The 4th one was through an old basement window off the 3rd crawlspace. I began to think I should have thrown out breadcrumbs, I might never find my way out. Finally, while in that 4th space, there was a half-buried in cement oil tank! OMG! While building the addition, they must have stumbled across this and decided to pour cement around it and leave it under the addition. The tank sweep would not find it under the house.

How would they get it out, how much would it cost, any environmental concerns …many questions.

My client was very…very happy to have hired me to do a home inspection.