Home Energy Inspections in Montclair, NJ

Most home buyers purchase a home without an understanding what it will cost to operate it. Most Americans spend $2,500 a year on utilities, including heating and cooling costs. Many homeowners can reduce their utility bills by up to 30% - sizeable savings - from energy improvements, that could be as much as $750! Before purchasing your next home, contact Final Check Inspections for a home energy inspection! We'll evaluate the current energy consumption and where you can improve if you purchase the home. The most common places we'll check include the windows, doors, chimneys and attics for proper seals and air leaks.

Our NJ Home Energy Inspection will give you a quick understanding of:

Our NJ Home Energy Inspection will give you a quick understanding of:

  • how much a home will cost you to operate once you move in;
  • where energy (and, therefore, money) is being wasted in the home;
  • what can be done to save energy and increase your family's comfort.


Our in-depth home energy inspection achieves the above by checking for major air leaks coming from the chimney, HVAC ducts, outlets, etc. Final Check Inspections will also inspect the insulation and test for fuel leaks in the blows, as well as examine the duct system, filters and dryer vents. Finally, we will check for moisture and water vapor in the kitchen and bathroom - this will let you know if you can expect future mold growth problems.

The Home Energy eBook is included with your Home Energy Inspection Report. In addition to the energy-saving recommendations in your Home Energy Report, this companion ebook describes additional ways to save energy, increase comfort, and protect the environment. It also includes do-it-yourself tips to save energy right now, including easy low-cost and no-cost ways to save energy.


The benefits from making energy improvements include saving on your utility bills, increasing the comfort of your home, and reducing your use of natural resources. It is a win-win for you and the environment when you choose to improve your homes' energy!

Whether you're moving into a new home, or you're curious about the energy consumption of the home you live in currently, call Final Check Inspections for a home energy inspection today! We perform home energy inspections, as well as a variety of other home inspection services, throughout the Northern New Jersey area. It is never too late to start saving money on your utility bills!