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Final Check Inspections

Do I Need a Home Inspection?

I was asked to perform a home inspection on a sprawling ranch style home in a nice town. Upon entering the basement, it did seem a bit peculiar that the basement was very small for such a large footprint of a home. There were 4 crawlspaces! My ...

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The More You Know

Most people think negatively when they hear the words “home inspection”, it creates anxiety and maybe a racing of the pulse. It reminds me of the word “opps”! The word conjures nothing positive. For example: “Opps” the surgeon cut ...

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The Price is Right

If price is your main consideration, we may not be the company for you. We endeavor to provide a non-rushed, thorough, inspection of 47 major components and countless minor components of your potentially new home. Inspection fees vary, as does the ...

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