The Price is Right

If price is your main consideration, we may not be the company for you. We endeavor to provide a non-rushed, thorough, inspection of 47 major components and countless minor components of your potentially new home.

Inspection fees vary, as does the cost of a house, but are based on the age of the home, the size, its complexity and its proximity to our office.

The sense of security and knowledge gained from an inspection is well worth the cost, and the lowest priced inspection is not necessarily a bargain. Use the inspector’s compliance with state regulations, education, experience and affiliations as a guide.

A home will most likely be one of largest investments of your lifetime, wouldn’t it be important to get a certified, experienced, inspector at a fair price. This decision will pay for itself many times over during your time owning the home.

Good Service is not Cheap and Cheap Service is not Good.
With home inspections as with everything else, you get what you pay for!